How to auth your IP?

Make sure your DM is open for this server. Otherwise @Dashboard cannot reply and you cannot authorize your IP.

Authenticate Your IP

STEP 1: Decide where you use and DM @Dashboard with this command:

!rpc auth

Bot returns your holdings, fetched from Thorify API (holder verification). You can also verify with multiple wallets.

STEP 2: Enter your pass id and proceed:

Step 3: Select a location you want to access.

You can use all locations at the same time as one IP for each. It means that you can authenticate 6 different IPs total. If you hold only Classic Pass, skip to Step 4. If you hold an Elite Pass, bot asks for double IP selection first. Note that Elite Pass holders can auth 2 IP for a location they prefer.

Step 4: Send your IP v4

You can learn your IP v4 address by

Optional: Rent your spot

This command allows the user to give their IP slot to Thor's rental pool. To be eligible for rental share, the user must stay in the pool for at least 1 day.

Wen bot asks your IPv4 address, enter rent

List and Delete Your IPs

Step 1: DM @Dashboard with this command:

!rpc delete

Bot returns a table:

Step 2: Select Line Number:

Bot asks the row number given in the # column. Enter the row number you wish to delete.

You can also stop renting by deleting the row which IP value is written as rent

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