ThorNode FAQ


Steps to renew your ThorNode Pass:


First use !help command to learn how much you need to send for renewal. Bot offers you two options: You can renew for current month, or you can renew it for next month if your pass is expired.
Formula is simple for expired ones: Option 1: $2.5 for remaining days of current month.
Option 2: $2.5 for remaining days + $60 for next month.
To avoid burning, just renew it on last day of current month and send $2.5. Thus, you will delay your pass’ burning for one month.

STEP 1:- Send X amount as $USDC to the wallet below. X=!help response of the renewal bot

DnbGBS2fDSuZX4efwJNPnjiseMz9G9TZrEipirGgA5CJ (for web3 wallets, you can send to thornode.solNote that you cannot send to domain from CEX such as Binance, FTX etc.)

STEP 2: Copy the transaction id (TX)

STEP 3: Send DM to @Renewal Bot

Use either of the commands depends on your type:

Use either of the commands depends on your type:

!renew_classic YOUR_PASS_ID TX_ID !renew_elite YOUR_PASS_ID TX_ID


The process takes effect instantly and updates your metadata and extend your validation until next renewal date. Renewal dates are first day of the following month. Note that Magic Eden's cache is updated after a couple of hours. You may see your renewed pass as expired. It is not related with ThorNode. Please ignore if you encounter such an issue and wait patiently.