ThorNode FAQ


ThorNode is a powerful private Solana RPC service. Earn staking rewards while having access to strong private RPC nodes.

What is ThorNode Pass?

ThorNode has three type of NFTs,

Classic Pass

ThorNode Classic Pass holders benefit from the fastest Solana RPC experience while also receiving a monthly staking reward. Holders receive a 20% commission from the secondary sales on MagicEden as a staking reward so they can earn money even when they're not using the platform, and if they choose to rent their ThorNode RPC, they can earn even more.

Elite Pass

ThorNode Elite Pass offers bonus staking rewards. As a ThorNode Elite Pass holder you receive monthly staking rewards as 20% of the royalties plus 20% of the renewal income bonus by just holding your Elite Pass NFT in your wallet. With ThorNode Referral Program, Elite Pass Holders can also earn 10% commission for each Prime Pass member they refer.
Elite Pass holders can authorize two different IPs at the same time while Classic Pass can authorize one IP.

Prime Pass

ThorNode Prime Pass offers customers to have their managed dedicated Solana RPCs. Prime Pass RPCs are built by the request of the customers and delivered within 2-3 business days. Currently there is only 10 ThorNode Prime Pass NFTs available for a better quality of service. ThorNode Prime is perfect for those who want to be in control of their own destiny, for individuals, DAOs or projects. With ThorNode Prime, you also have 24/7 support plan.

Gold Pass

Gold Pass allows connecting to THOR's RPCs free for life time. Gold Pass holders can authorize different IP for each location plus they can authorize 2 IP for one selected location. Gold Pass is a life time Elite Pass but without staking.

Honorary Pass

The Honorary Pass is a prestigious offering designed to recognize and celebrate influential figures in the Solana community who have significantly contributed to its growth and success. This exclusive pass is more than just a symbol of honor; it's a testament to the impactful legacy these community leaders have built.

Where Do I Buy a ThorNode Pass?

You can buy a pass in Magic Eden. If you want to buy a Prime Pass, please contact with the team before proceeding.


Holder passive income also depends on royalties. If you want to be a holder, you should prefer trading by royalty. Thus, the ThorNode board decided to BAN OTC trading. If you do OTC trade, you have to send related royalty share to thornode.sol address. Otherwise your NFT will be burned and reissued. If you do not pay the royalty during trade, you need to pay enforced royalty fee as given below: For Classic Pass: Floor price is below 5 SOL- Fee is 0.5 SOL Floor price is above 5 SOL- Fee is floor/10 in SOL For Elite Pass: Floor price is below 10 SOL - Fee is 1 SOL Floor price is above 10 SOL- Fee is floor/10 in SOL
For Prime Pass: Floor price is below 70 SOL - Fee is 7 SOL Floor price is above 70 SOL- Fee is floor/10 in SOL
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